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Since working with Patricia I am more comfortable with who I am and dare to take risks that I would not have taken before.  For example, at 57 I have gone back to school to work on my Master’s.  I had a lot of naysayers but I was intentional about my decision and now am so happy I did it.  It’s not easy but I never want to say, “I wish I had”.
Wendy Johnson

Patricia has an amazing ability to bring people together and help them bond in new, interpersonal ways that help forge friendship and camaraderie. I didn’t realize how large this void was in my life and how much I needed the companionship and friendship of others. Patricia’s generous heart has helped me reignite my need for connection.
Carolyn Thomas

As a result of working with Patricia I was able to get through a very dark time in my life, and regain the confidence and self worth I had lost. She held me accountable for my goals in a non-judgmental way and the experience of working with her was life changing. I would recommend Patricia to anyone who is in a transitional phase and is looking for well-organized, experienced caring coach.
Sally- Ann Rabin

I especially enjoyed attending Patricia’s workshop and small group sessions. I would recommend her to anyone who is going through any type of struggle or challenge who would desire some support and insight on how to successfully move their life in a positive direction.
Carolyn Hall

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