The Sage of Age

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When did you become afraid of growing old?

 ~ I’m too old to find another job.

~ Pretty soon, I won’t be attractive anymore.

~ It’s too late for me to start my own business.

~ I should have been married by now, my biological clock is ticking

~ I spent my whole life taking care of others, now it’s too late for me to have what I want.




cage-of-age-featuredBy the time we reach our forties, most women have experienced a number of moments when our limiting beliefs cause us to experience the fear that we are getting old … too old.

For some, it’s the day that they realize their deadline to be married has passed. For others, it may be the day the first gray hair shows up.

On that day when an event, or a series of events caused you to begin thinking that it was too late for you to create the life you dreamed about; that’s the day you entered “The Cage of Age” and perhaps threw away the key. In a flash, the door to the dream that you knew would come true one day, was slammed shut by the limiting belief, “It’s too late, Now I’m too old.

The thought of being stuck in that cage for the rest of your life may haunt you every day, but I have good news for you. It doesn’t have to be that way.



At 74, I’m experiencing the best years of my life. Perhaps like you, I was once stuck in the Cage of Age. It wasn’t until I realized that it wasn’t my age that was making me believe that I was too old…It was my thoughts about my age! I was 59 when I became fully aware that the next year I would be 60! OMG! 60! No way around it, 60 is old…So I thought. Too old to do many of the things I had once wanted to do. Too old to live the life I had often dreamed about.

It wasn’t until I realized that I had bought into every negative belief I’d ever heard about ageing that I was able to begin to take responsibility for creating the life I wanted to live. In order to do that, I had to change my thoughts and create a vision for my future that I could live into.

Today my mission is to help other women of any age, change the limiting beliefs they have about getting older and to experience that they can be Amazing at Any Age! They are then able to restore their hope for a bright future by opening up to the possibility that they can create a life that they love.

Some are in their 30s or 40’s and label themselves a failure because they’ve not met self-imposed deadlines. Others are in their 50’s, 60s and beyond, feeling sorry that they have not lived their lives to the fullest.

We work together to re-define their thoughts about growing old and they begin to realize that this can be the best time of their lives.


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