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  • Patricia Budd Presents: Wise Woman WellBeing

    Welcome to Wise Woman WellBeing. Our mission is to provide information and motivation for those who seek wellbeing in all areas of life. Read More
  • What is Coaching?

    An opportunity for growth, for embracing more purpose, passion and joy . . . An opportunity to acknowledge your body as a gift to be treasured and cared for . . . To lose weight, gain confidence, freedom and a new sense of who you really are . . . Read More
  • Age Redefined

    In youth our ignorance gives us courage . . . with age our courage gives us hope . . . with hope we learn that woman is more . . . than the sum of what she does . . . we also are what we wish we did . . . and age teaches us/that even that doesn’t matter —NIKKI GIOVANNI Read More
  • Sugar Blues

    Many of us have a Love/Hate relationship with Sugar. We love the taste but hate that it makes us fat. Making us fat is only the beginning of our problems with too much sugar. It’s long term effects are much worse. Read More
  • If You Are a Black Woman

    If you’re a Black Woman, chances are . . . There are women in your family who are overweight . . . There are women in your family who have high blood pressure . . . Read More
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WellBeing is about bringing the best version of you to every aspect of your life

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Good physical, mental and emotional health are all important for experiencing life joyfully

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Sometimes it's not about what you eat, it's about what's eating you.

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Make the rest of your life … the best of your life

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